Year: 2005 Week:52 Number: 6

=== Technical news ===[[Special:Unwatchedpages]] this new special page gives a listing of thefirst 5000 pages that are not on someones watchlist. It is a static listupdated regularly (hopefully). This is only for “users with protectpermission”. Sysops …


Year: 2005 Week:51 Number: 5

=== Technical news ===

[IRC] IRC client restarted, allowing new channels on the Browne IRC server.

[Q4] and the money is pouring in! If you put the code below on any
page you get the donation status bar. Hit F5 and be amazed; it is
going faster then the article counter.

Already received
[ ]

=== Policy ===

[Semi-protection policy] is a new policy from the English Wikipedia.
When a page is “semi-protected” then newest X% of registered users and
all unregistered users can not edit that page. The technical aspect of
it does not yet work.

=== Politics ===

[Stewards] are users who can give and remove user rights to any
Wikimedia project, among such rights are: bot, sysop and checkuser.
There is now a nomination round for new stewards. Voting will start on
20th December 2005 and it’ll end on the 10th January 2006. You can
list yourself during that time, but you’ll have lower chances then.
The Board will eventually choose a group of users (from 1 to 10)
who’ll gain steward status.

=== Foundation ===

[Bravo Italia] Wikipedia wins two Awards in Italy.

=== Media ===

[Good] One week Wikipedia is “not trustworthy”, the next we are
“almost as good as Encyclopedia Britannica”. The result is a lot of
very good press around the world. And also Wikipedia traffic
skyrockets. We are now bigger then (according to

[Nobel Prize] In a program called “Noble minds”, with the nobel prize
winners of 2005 in a round table talk with the BBC reporter John
Simpson Wikipedia got merit. The medicine prize winner Barry Marshall
mentioned the Wikipedia article about their discovery (he got the
prize together with Robin Warren) and he said that they could not have
written a better article themselves.

=== Proposal===

A New proposal for a Wikimusic, “A Wiki with (1) both score and text
of a free piece of music, (2) the music itself in a playable music
file (in different versions, for example one version with trumpet, one
with a whole orchestra, not MIDI), (3) the sheet music in a wiki-text
format (MIDI can be made out of it) and (4) information about the
piece of music.

=== Stats ===

[milestones] The Chinese Wikipedia has reached 50,000 articles.新闻稿/2005年12月

[Stats, no more] and are probably the oldest
national portals of Wikipedia. Since the creation of them, end of
2002, they have been counting the visitors with their own visitor
counters. This until last thursday when these where removed by the
technical staff without any notice.

In those years traffic to started with 255 page views a
month to 194372 page views in november 2005. And from 128
page views a month to 33755 in november 2005.

=== Other news ===

[meetup] 10 December 2005, Taiwan Wikipedians meetup in Taipei. about 25 people.聚會/2005臺北冬聚å

[Law] – ERRATUM: in last week’s issue it was not very cleary indicated
the the website “” is not a Wikimedia
Foundation website. They are people who say they will try to sue
Wikipedia. But some are also making fun of them because there exists
also a parody site of it:

=== Quote ===

About Wikipedia;
“I call you my husband’s mistress because you get his attention much
of the time…” by anonymous “

=== Editorial ===

Wikipedia was never very good in internal communication. But lately we
have seen some sad highlights. The implementation on the English
Wikipedia of the reduced edit powers came as a total surprise and we
have received the news from external news media. My first reaction
when I read about it was; what a load of bullshit! We, the
Wikipedians, would surely know about it if such change of a
fundamental aspect of Wikipedia was true?

Also the policy of “Semi-protection” only gets widely known after
articles in the traditional media about it.

And finally the removal of visitors counters after more then 3 years
of service without any word to there Wiki is also not nice. Wikipedia
has no working statistics about visitor counts. So when you try to do
it yourself you do not expect that your own system gets sabotaged. It
are not only the articles of Wikipedia that need improvement.

Editor-in-chief Wikizine

Editor:Walter, [[zh:user:Shizhao]], Oscar


Year: 2005 Week:50 Number: 4

=== Technical news ===

[Kate’s Tool] to check the number of edits of a user is down. But there is
a backup option;

[Gollum] A special browser for Wikipedia.

=== Request for help ===

[Fund drive] the next will start on 16 December. See of the translation in
your language is ready.

Many use the service of PayPal to donate to Wikimedia. PayPal is a very
expensive way of payment, specially for small amounts. If you give 1 euro
to Wikimedia then 39% of it gets lost to PayPal. Of that 1 euro Wikimedia
gets only 0,61 euro. So if you use PayPal your are also donation to

If you live inside the European Union then you can donate to the Wikimedia
Foundation by bank transfer for the same price as a national bank
transfer. This is in most cases free of charge. If you give 1 euro by this
way Wikimedia will get 1 euro. Make sure this option of payment is clearly
given on your local donation page.

IBAN BE43-0689-9999-9501
BIC (swift code) GKCCBEBB
Dexia bank – Pachecolaan 44 – 1000 Brussel

[Portal] the portal of can now also being edited like the
other portals. It is now still very ugly.

=== Media ===

[Seigenthaler] Author apologizes for fake Wikipedia biography

[Jimbo on CNN] with an interview about the Seigenthaler case and
Seigenthaler himself. Also a transcript of the interview.

[Premio WWW] The Italian Wikipedia has been nominated for the “Premio WWW”
(Price WWW) organized by Il sole 24 ore (most important financial
newspaper in Italy), in the category “Education and work”. The awards
ceremony will be held in Milan on December 14th. .

=== Policy ===

[Only for EN] Article creation restricted to logged-in editors. This
results in a increase of new accounts. This also for the English Wikipedia
and a period of 3 months to test it. There are absolutly no plans to force
this also to the other Wikipedias says Jimbo.

=== Foundation ===

[Local Press] request for creating a page on your local wiki whit
press-contact info of local members.

=== Stats ===

[Alexa] The Alexa ranking for the English Wikipedia 29 on 11 December,
putting us in the psychologically important top 30 of the most visited
websites of the internet for the first time

=== Other news ===

[©] Large-scale copyright infringement found on German Wikipedia

[DVD&Book] German publisher is selling third edition of DVD with wikipedia

[Law] Wikipedia has now its own website where people can complain about

=== Quote ===

“We make the internet not suck”. –Jimmy D. Wales on C-Span

Editor: [[w:nl:gebruiker:Walter]]


Year: 2005 Week:49 Number: 3

=== Technical news ===[Privacy] A new Privacy policy link added in the footer.…