Wikizine – number: 19 Extra

=== The WMF is closing the French Wikiquote ===

The French language Wikiquote is closed by the foundation.

This notice is placed on the main page of the locked wiki;

After analyzing the data contained in the fr.wikiquote site, the Wikimedia Foundation has determined that the material stored in the fr.wikiquote database does not provide the basic assurance of legal soundness necessary to the permanence of the project. Therefore, the site will be entirely taken down to be erased and relaunched. A policy requiring greater traceability of quotations will be put in place on fr.wikiquote version II. This action has been taken for the benefit of all Wikimedia Foundation projects.

The new FR Wikiquote is announced to re-open for editing on 1 April with a new empty database.

The origin of the this dates back to August 2005. Wikimédia France received a letter from a company maintaining a
quote database. They claim Wikiquote extracted a substantial part of their database.

The closing now of FR Wikiquote seems to be the end result of this.

On Meta a FAQ about this is posted;

*What was wrong with the French Wikiquote?
**Some contributor had apparently inserted material from copyrighted databases and other sources.

*What was the extent of the problem?
**It was sufficient to render the majority of the French Wikiquote database suspect, which is why it was deemed necessary to delete it.

*Was this a legal settlement?
**Yes, we reached an agreement with an outside party, and we are quite satisfied with the outcome.

*Can you tell us who the settlement was with, what the terms were, etc.?
**What we are doing now is fulfilling the terms. Not every precise detail should be or needs to be disclosed, in order to protect future relationships and negotiation strategies, but the terms that matter are reflected in the official announcement. The project should not incur any legal liability as a result.

*What about the French Wikiquote community?
**There isn’t really a substantial community there. Activity significantly declined after this problem was discovered. Affected contributors have already been notified.

*Couldn’t you have tried to salvage something?
**It would have required extensive work by the community to identify and remove the problems, much like the German Wikipedia recently did in a similar situation, but on a significantly larger scale this time. Since there isn’t much of a community, the resources to do this don’t exist. That’s why we agreed to start it over.

*Are there problems on other Wikiquotes?
**It’s possible, and those communities should let us know if they have any suspicions so that the problems can be addressed without involving outside parties. They should also look at adopting policies similar to the French Wikiquote’s new citation policy.

*Will this sort of thing happen again? Is my project in danger of being deleted?
**No, not at all. Certainly not if you have an active community that is willing to respect copyright and is capable of responding to problems. Obviously if you’re involved enough to be concerned about the welfare of your project, then there should be sufficient community oversight to ensure that problems like this do not arise, or are dealt with long before they reach this stage.

There has not yet been a official statement of the Wikimedia Foundation about this to the community beside the service announcement on fr.wikiquote

Editor(s): Walter


Wikizine – number: 19

=== Community ===

[WP] Fourteen new wikipedias have been created: Dutch Low Sakson, West
Flamish, Ligurian, Kalmyk, Tetum, Papiamentu, Romany, Samogitian,
Ripuarian, Pennsylvania German, Franco-Provençal/Arpitan, Cantonese,
Banyumasan, and Norman.

The new Pennsylvania German Wikipedia has reached 26 articles. According
to Mark Williamson, the new Cantonese is very active in its first two days.

=== (Very) old technical news ===

[Account creation] the number of new accounts that can be created from a
specific IP address is limited to 6 every 24 hours. This is an
anti-vandalism function. It can cause problems for serious users on
larger Wikis. The message that users see when they hit the limit:

[PDA editions] In addition to the TomeRaider copies of Wikipedia (last
available dump : January 2006), there are a number of commercial
software packages available for viewing Wikipedia on your PDA. The most
recent commercial tool is Quickipedia.

=== Request for help ===

[Slogans] An attempt is made to create a list of all project slogans and
logos in all languages (such as “the free encyclopedia”).

[Meta clean-up] A proposal to rearrange meta and make it more useful:

=== New project proposals ===

[Wikikernel] A proposal for a project incubator for new Wikimedia
project proposals

=== Politics ===

[Steward] – A steward temporarily loses stewardship.

=== Media ===

[Britannica Vs. Nature] In December 2005 the famous journal “Nature”
published a news article comparing the science content of Encyclopedia
Britannica with that of the English Wikipedia. The message of the
article was that both Britannica and Wikipedia contain errors, that
there are more errors in Wikipedia then in Britannica, but that
nevertheless Wikipedia is not so much more innacurate than Britannica.
Britannica has finally responded to the article. They find that the way
Nature conducted their inquiry was unfair, and that the results are
invalid. Nature disagrees with Britannica’s POV and stands by their
article. This does not directly affect Wikipedia; it is Nature that
claimed that Wikipedia is almost as good as Britannica, not the
Wikimedia Foundation. – the
original Nature article, from December 2005
Britannica’s response – Nature’s
reply to the response – A article about
the matter – A podcast with a Britannica representative – more related content on Meta

=== Stats ===

[Commons] now has over 500,000 files.

[80.000 persons alive] the EN Wikipedia has biographical articles on
over 80,000 living people.

=== Other news ===

[Book] Chinese wikipedian KaurJmeb published his first book about
Wikipedia – ”Wikipedia: Forefront of knowledge sharing” (維基百科 : 知
識分享最前線) ISBN 9867075064 – A page about it on the new Chinese Wiknews – The author’s userpage – The book on eslite books

=== Last weeks feedback ===

– The reason that non-sysops get an inactive “block” link in Meta’s RC
is: it is included in the summary for the user creation log. This can
be changed by removing the $4 value from [[MediaWiki:Newuserloglog]]. If
you do that there will be no “block” link for that user in the logfile
of new created accounts.

– Not only on EN Wikipedia but also on EN Wikinews can blocked users can
still edit their own talk page. [[meta:User:Eloquence]] knows how to
enable this function.

=== Did you know … ===
… that you can do free positive promotion for Wikipedia?

A lot of websites give away free stuff or let you register to make a
change to win tickets for something. That is nice but you need first to
have something before you can give it away.

Google Gmail invites. After 2 years, there are still many people who
would like to have an account but do not know how to get one. You can
give these away with the greetings of your language Wikipedia or sister

1# make a “WikipediaXX at account
2# make additional accounts like wikipediaXX01@, wikipediaXX02@, etc.
for harvesting invites
3# put in the external links section of your gmail signature a
mailto:link . “If you would like to receive free invite Wikipedia can
give you one. Send an empty mail to wikipediaXX at”
4# give invites to you visitors with the greetings of your project. If
you are low on invites request that they send you one back.

This way you can give a freebie, and your visitors get a positive
association with Wikipedia. The Dutch Wikipedia has been providing this
service since the Summer of 2004, and has sent many hundreds of invites
in that time. If you need a invite yourself, contact Wikizine.

=== Quote ===
“A large portion of wikipedia is pornographic” – unidentified Britannica
representative, via podcast.

Editor(s): Shizhao, Walter, Sj


Wikizine – number: 18

=== Technical news (*)===[Move page] Normal users can now move back a moved page. Seems to workon all WMF wikis.Example; [[user:Tom]] moves page [[Tom’s page]] to [[Tom’s moved page]].[[Tom’s page]] is a redirect to [[Tom’s moved page]].Any user (non-s…


Wikizine – number: 17

=== Technical news ===

[More anti-spam] On the smaller wikis you need from now on to enter a
word displayed as a image (captcha) if you are an anonymous user and you
are adding a URL to that page.

[Special Page] New option the find the edits done by newbies. use

=== Politics ===

[zh.wikinews?] It seems that the Chinese Wikinews finally will be
created soon.

=== Media ===

[BBC Radio Wales] interview with Wikipedian David Gerard. Audio link
will expire so do not wait if you like to hear it. – RealAudio stream

=== Stats ===

[BR] The Breton Wikipedia has reached 5,000 articles. Breton is a very
small language so 5,000 is a real accomplishment.

[FR] French Wikipedia reaches 250,000 articles.

[Alexa] Wikipedia’s Alexa rank rises to 19. And Wikipedia keeps raising
fast. In the draft version of this edition of Wikizine was written that
Wikipedia had the 20th place as the most popular website of the
internet. Only 18 places to go and you, dear reader, will not be bored
anymore with Alexa-updates.

=== Other news ===

[Wikiepic] New proposal page posted for Wikiepic. Wikiepic could be like
a freeform mythology or fantasy world. The Neverending story. Articles
would focus around Characters, Places, Events, ect ect.

[Wikipedia IRL] After showing up in newspapers and other media as a
source for more information about something Wikipedia starts now also
being used in parliaments as information source.

=== Did you know … ===

… that Jimbo is a real globetrotter?

=== Computer quotes ===

-To err is human. To really mess things up you need a computer

– “Adapting old programs to fit new machines usually means adapting new
machines to behave like old ones.” — Alan J. Perlis.

“Q: How many software engineers does it take to change a lightbulb ?
A: It can’t be done; it’s a hardware problem.”

Editor(s): Shizhao, Walter


Wikizine – number: 16

=== Technical news ===

[E-mail] Wikipedia e-mail confirmation has been enabled. To receive
Wikipedia e-mail, you must go to Special:Confirmemail, request a code,
and follow the link in the e-mail. The reason is that Wikimedias
mailserver is blacklisted by SpamCop, allegedly for sending mail to
spamtrap addresses.

[Conversion] sr WP now start Cyrillic alphabet ←→ Latin alphabet
automatic conversion.

=== Policy ===

[OFFICE] New authority level on the EN Wikipedia; “Office actions”. The
Wikimedia Foundations receives frequently emails or phone calls with
complaints about articles on the EN Wikipedia. Some complaint’s need
swift action on the wiki as a responds to those complaints. To able to
do this to “Office” is created. “Office” members can take actions that
override all other policies. Reverting actions done by the office is not
allowed. Currently all office actions need personal permission of Jimbo.
But this can change.

=== Community ===

[Close] The Moldovan Wikipedia votes to close its doors and instead use
the Romanian Wikipedia.

=== Media ===

[Yahoo!] adds more Wikipedia links, new functionality has been added to
Yahoo searches which return Wikipedia articles in the results.

=== Stats ===

[1 million] The English language Wikipedia has reached 1,000,000
articles. Jordanhill railway station has been certified as the milestone
article. The deleted “One million articles” article nearly made it but
instead came in at number 999,999.

=== Other news ===

[iPod] Wikipedia is now available for the iPod. Currently only EN (753
MB), DE (321 MB) and IT (71 MB). Other languages can be created upon
request. For Win, Linux and Mac. *Use this software at your own risk. It
might damage your iPod, void your warranty or blow up your golden hamster.*

[MMN] Abid Ullah Jan – Wikipedia: A tool for expediting the clash of
“Wikipedia needs to do away with its controversial, biased and
hate-inciting material taken out of the work of hate-mongers. Otherwise,
the only way left for those in search of truth and those working for
peace among people of different faiths is to avoid Wikipedia,
particularly its articles on social and religious matters.”

[Firefox] It seems the the Mozilla Corporation decides against adding
Wikipedia to Firefox search box.

=== Wikizine ===

[Announce-l] The digest function of this list is broken. The digests
where not send out automatically. Because of this digest subscribers of
Wikizine have not received Wikizine like it should be. There has come no
responds on the BugZilla ticket about this problem. Because of this the
list settings are now changed. Announce-l does not support the digest
option anymore. All digest subscribers are changed to regular subscribers.

[Licence] The licence of Wikizine is the GNU Free Documentation License
because Wikizine is constructed on Meta and Meta falls under that
licence. GNU/FDL covers all previous editions of Wikizine.

=== Did you know … ===

… that your computer can do also something for “the good cause” when
your are Wikifying?

We are all volunteers working to the WMF-projects working for whatever
reason, but not for making money. This is not eBay. But when you working
on the wikis is for your computer not really a challenge. You can
donate your CPU-power to be used for something possibly not completely
utterly useless. The BBC Climate prediction project.

A project to do scientific study by using many computers to run
simulations of the evolution of the climate. You need a client for
Windows or linux.

Join this project and the Wikimedia-team;

=== MediaZilla-IRC Quotes ===

– “NPOV is not just our secret sauce, it’s a shield. (It’s a dessert wax
*and* a floor topping.)” – David Gerard on wikien-l (Feb)
– It was a bad idea. The users made me do it. — Tim Starling in wikitech-l
– The parser is a little dirty… OK maybe more than a little.
– Two wrongs don’t make a right, but three lefts do.
– [Brion Vibber] A captcha of course is that annoying little thing that
makes you type in a word or code to continue, to prove that you’re
probably not an abusive bot. (Or a blind person. Whoops!)

Editor(s): Walter, Shizhao