Wikizine – number: 43

Technical news

  • [CommonsDelinker] – one of the most annoying things of Commons is that if you use its content and host your files there that you did not knew of the where deleting the file you are using until it was done and you noticed it. Improvements has been made to solve that. There is a check of the usage of files on the wikis and there is the “CommonsTicker” to inform local wikis about changes to files that are in use on there wiki. Now there is also the “CommonsDelinker”. That is bot to remove the dead links to files deleted on commons. It is a maintenance service, to remove the trash from the hundreds of wikis after a deletion on commons. There is currently an “Requests for permissions” to request to get an exemption from local bot policies to run this bot. Currently there is universal support for it. Wikis who do not want to receive the service the CommonsDelinker can request to be excluded.

Request for help

  • [Wikizine] – Currently Wikizine is basically a one person project. This is not a good model to provide weekly a timely and good edition of a consistent quality.
    • Wanted: core staff member(s). You look for news and find it. You constructed Wikizine. Eventually you can write an edition on you own if needed. And this week after week, even when you have better things to do. You can be counted on to do the work.
    • Wanted: freelance staff member(s). You look for news when you like to do it. You write sometimes an item for an edition of Wikizine.


  • [Sep11] – the “project” September 11 In Memoriam is closed. This is the first project ever that is closed. Sep11 was a very non-typical WMF-project. It was created in the early days when there where only a few wikis. This in 2001 in responds the 9/11 event. The wiki is now read-only.



  • [pl.wp] – The Polish Wikipedia has reached 300,000 articles. And this on the day that there wiki is five years old.

Other news

Was ist das?

SUL: Single User Login. You can use one login for all wikis.
Kudos: to praise someone for doing something.
FYI: for your info – information provided as a service to someone only to inform them about it. No need to responds to it, do with it what you wish.


There is an old Vulcan proverb — “Only Nixon could go to China.” — Mr. Spock

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Wikizine – number: 42

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Wikizine – number: 41

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