Year: 2007 Week: 22 Number: 72

Technical news

  • [Autoblockedtext] – If you block a user you have the option to also block the ip address that this user is using. This appears in the blocklog as a number like “#47980”. There is now a special message to be displayed to users who try to edit when the are blocked because of a hidden autoblock. The text of the page [[MediaWiki:Autoblockedtext]] is send to that user. The only way to know what the ip address is that is blocked is if the blocked user can give the block ID. This number is included in the default message so the blocked user needs to include this in his communication. A sysop can then look in the blocklist for that ID and unblock it.
  • [image border] – There is a new display instruction for images. The new one is “border”. The result is a very small gray border. The idea is that some images because of there colors flow over in the background of a page when used. By putting a small border around it the border between the image and the page is more clear.
Usage: [[Image:Filename|border|100px|right]]


  • [Wikimedia IT] –  Wikimedia Italia is working on an agreement to obtain part of the image archive of Società Geografica Italiana. SGI is one of the most important and respected geographical institutes of the world. Founded in 1867, the Society owns thousands of precious historic volumes, maps and a huge archive of photos related to colonialism and the XX century’s explorations. On Friday May 18, some members of met Franco Salvatori, president of Società Geografica Italiana. The meeting resulted in an exclusive interview for IT Wikinews.
  • [Legal] – The German Wikimedia chapter was sued by a powerful German lobby/public relations organisation. This because of a negative comment by an anonymous user on a archived talk page about them that did not amused them. The sued the German WMF chapter because in there opinion Wikimedia DE has control over the German language Wikipedia. The lost and also the appeal.



  • [IT Wikipedia] –  was granted one of the nine Special Prizes of the Grand Prix di Pubblicità Italia (Advertising Grand Prix of Italy)  for “succeeding in exploiting the Internet potential at its best, directly involving users for a widespread growth of culture”. Wikimedia Italia board member Ivan Vighetto attended the gala, and received the prize, a plaque. The event had great resonance on Italian media.



  • [NL.wp & IT.wp] – The Dutch language Wikipedia has passed the 300,000 article mark almost exactly one year after the 200,000 mark.  The NL Wikipedia is the 7th largest Wikipedia. With only 22 million speakers the Dutch language Wikipedia is compared with the larger Wikipedias versus there number of speakers extremely large. Also the Italian language Wikipedia has now 300,000 articles. With 60 to 120 million speakers the are one step higher then the Dutch at the 6th place.
  • [FR.wp] – The French Wikipedia has reached 500,000 articles.
  • [The Wiki top 50] – An attempt to make a top 50 of the most popular wiki on the the internet according and Google PageRank.  Number one we know but on the second place is a surprize, we have “Adobe labs wiki” as the second most popular wiki.

Other news

  • [Clean School WP] – This week a website went live with a “2007 Wikipedia selection for schools”. Created by SOS Children, a charity focust on orphan and abandoned children,  is aimed at British school children following the National Curriculum, and consists of all of the English Wikipedia’s Good and Featured Articles, excluding content SOS Children deemed ‘adult’. The site uses the Wikipedia logo, with permission. The content of there website is also available as a CD-rom or DVD that can be downloaded for free from there website.
  • [The perfect logo] – The Wikipedia logo appears to be very “Wikipedia” in the meaning that there are mistakes on it. Some of the characters on the globe are reported to be incorrect. Editing the logo seems to be from a technical and possibly also from a legal (trademark) POV difficult.
  • [Wikizine] – The last weeks the domain  has been down several times for longer periodes of time. This is a direct result of the hoster of being down. When this is noticed the DNS-settings of the domain is changed to a back-up  hoster to be able to provide minimal service. Because of possible slow updating of DNS-servers it can take a long time before Wikizine resolves at your location. 
Users of the public DNS service of will be one of the first to resolve Wikizine if it is online. The hoster reported to have find the source of the problems. Hopefully Wikizine will stay online now.

In the last weeks users of several communities have contacted Wikizine to setup a translated edition of Wikizine. Wikizine does now also exist in German, Spanish and Indonesian. And for the readers who read this as a translation, there is also an English version 🙂

For now and in principle the translations will contain exactly the same content as EN Wikizine. Possibly and hopefully these editions will become eventually more then only a translation but also include there own original content directed directly to there local language community. The homepage at provides easy access to the different editions and subscription possibility.

As always the assistance of the readers for all levels and all languages versions of Wikizine to Wikizine is very welcome.

Weird …
And now music ….


Encyclopedias are now suffering obsolescence (*), evolving from traditional publishing to a new form – I don’t know what this form is […] but we sure have a new horizon in front of us, related to the very bases of encyclopedicism, and ”’you are the reality that matters now from this point of view”’. […] Encyclopedia is not dead: its spirit is not dead, the Enlightenment spirit is not dead. — F. Salvatori, SGI (La Società della Geografia)

(*) the state, process, or condition of being or becoming obsolete

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Year: 2007 Week: 21 Number: 71

Technical news
Request for help
  • [New Hire] – The WMF has hired Vishal Pattel as part-time business developer for the WMF. Mr. Pattel was already working as an intern for the WMF. To see what he will be doing and all the comments about it visit
Other news
Did you know …
… we have a project in our family called “Wikispecies”?

Wikispecies is a Wikimedia project intended to be a directory of species. There are currently about a dozen active editors and over 60,000 listings. It is similar to Commons in that it is multilingual. They are working on the fine line between being a framework of species with links to information in all of the various Wikipedias, and containing that information there. Searching is always challenging when working in multiple languages. Wikispecies hopes to utilize wikidata when it becomes available to serve up the data. Check it out at .


“Simplicity is not an end in art but we arrive at simplicity in spite of ourselves.” – Constantin Brancusi.

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Year: 2007 Week: 19 Number: 70

Technical news

  • [Password security]  – After several user accounts on EN Wikipedia where cracked password security has been increased. From now on if an incorrect password is entered you will need to pass a captcha test when trying again. The passwords of the sysops on EN Wikipedia and Commons has been checked against very weak passwords and some are locked. Those users can login again by requesting a new password, at least if the provided a valid email address in there preferences. The check could be expanded to other wikis also and it is possible that additional security measures will be taken. It is highly recommended to make sure you have good password and a valid email address for your account.

Request for help

  • [Board election] – WMF board member Jan-Bart de Vreede is looking for candidates for the “Election Committee” that will at least prepare and possibly also manage the upcoming board elections. Election committee members can not run as candidates for the board and are not allowed to vote. Applications can be send in until 13th of May. See lists posting for more information.





Other news

Did you know …

No, nothing this week. Only a nice comic found by the Signpost.

Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

“Peace is good for business” – Rule 35
“More is good. All is better.” – Rule 242
“After you’ve exploited someone, it never hurts to thank them. That way, it’s easier to exploit them next time.” – Rule 299 (Unofficial Rule)

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Year: 2007 Week: 05 Number: 59

Technical news
  • [Contact form] – Thanks to JeLuf there is now a contact form. This form makes it easier for visitors of the various projects to send a message to the email team of the Wikimedia Projects. Currently there is a live form for the Dutch and English language email team. Other teams can also get the form for their language. Contact JeLuF for that at #wikimedia-tech
Request for help
  • [Open question] – What would the ideal wiki software be like? Discuss at [[meta:MediaWiki Ideal]].
  • [Pic of the Year] – Commons is holding a “Best picture of the year 2006” election. Every day the Wikimedia Commons showcases a “Picture of the Day” on their main page, the best from over one million files. In round one users can choose from all the pictures of the day over the last year. And in round two the community will vote for the best of them all. If you would like to vote but you are not active on commons you can use your seniority on your home-wiki as well. And if you do not vote, bookmark that page and view the photos later.
  • [hu.wikibooks] – The Hungarian Wikibooks has reached over 2000 book modules.
  • [Lurkers] – Wikia has done some research on their wikis concerning what % of the traffic is coming from logged in users and people who were not logged in. For the Wikia wikis, 90% of all visitors are people who visit the wiki but rarely participate… (in other words, people who are lurking). For Wikia, there are great differences between the wikis. Some have almost no logged in users active, on others almost all users are logged in. Read Angela’s post about it and discover some of very special wikis the have at Wikia.
  • [Influential] – Brandchannel published its annual list of the most influential brands. Of the global top 5, Wikipedia takes 4th place in the category, “Which brand had the most impact on our lives in 2006?” This is according the 3,625 people that answered that question. And while Wikipedia may be 4th place globally, it is only in the USA and Canada that Wikipedia seems to rank high. Everywhere else Wikipedia ranks below the 10th place.
Other news
Did you know …
… that what you see is not always what the visitor sees?

When you are working on the wikis, you are most likely doing that as a registered user. And there is a good chance you have selected the option in you preferences “Disable page caching”. But when a normal visitor views a wiki, they normally see a cached version of that page. A cache is a copy of the page, and this is done because it is much less stressful for the servers then creating a new page from the wiki-text every single time. The result is that it is quite likely when viewing a recently updated page that an anonymous visitor will not see the updated version of that page immediately. By default, cached versions of a page expire after one week.

When a topic is popular in the media and you are working on that article’s topic, what often happens is that visitors will not be able to see your changes. This is a shame.

Another problem involves the number of articles tally. Due to page caching, this number is also often out of date. So for example, news of a Wiki’s 10,000th post may be going around and people may be celebrating and visiting that Wiki, but the number of posts they see will be less than the actual number, making it appear to be below the mark that they’re celebrating.

To fix this you can manually flush the cache. To do this, click on “edit”. This url should end with “action=edit”. Change that to “action=purge” and reload. This will clear the cache and the new version will be shown to visitors.

Fund drive quotes


“I don’t know anything anymore, but that’s all right. Wikipedia knows and remembers everything for me!” — David Stattler
“As a university student, wikipedia has been an invaluable tool in furthering my education. I can’t tell you how many times I used wiki for help or clarification with difficult concepts. Thank you Wiki”  — Anonymous
“College life is a bitch, Wikipedia makes it a bitch worth putting up with” — Dyne Li
“I am a Google Employee, and on behalf of everyone here we are all proud of what the Internet has become, and needless to say Wikipedia has played a very large role. Long live Wikipedia, and its users!” —  Anonymous
“I have no comment at this time.” — Anonymous
“I’ve probably learned more from Wikipedia that from Columbia University (Which I attend)” — Haralampos Psaradellis
“In a world of increasingly sealed off knowledge, Wikipedia provides charitable enlightenment.” —  Anonymous
“Eine der besten Ideen in der Geschichte der Menschheit!” —  Stephan Lindner
“This is for my girls who play on Wikipedia alllll day at work!”  — Elizabeth McClellan

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Year: 2005 Week:51 Number: 5

=== Technical news ===

[IRC] IRC client restarted, allowing new channels on the Browne IRC server.

[Q4] and the money is pouring in! If you put the code below on any
page you get the donation status bar. Hit F5 and be amazed; it is
going faster then the article counter.

Already received
[ ]

=== Policy ===

[Semi-protection policy] is a new policy from the English Wikipedia.
When a page is “semi-protected” then newest X% of registered users and
all unregistered users can not edit that page. The technical aspect of
it does not yet work.

=== Politics ===

[Stewards] are users who can give and remove user rights to any
Wikimedia project, among such rights are: bot, sysop and checkuser.
There is now a nomination round for new stewards. Voting will start on
20th December 2005 and it’ll end on the 10th January 2006. You can
list yourself during that time, but you’ll have lower chances then.
The Board will eventually choose a group of users (from 1 to 10)
who’ll gain steward status.

=== Foundation ===

[Bravo Italia] Wikipedia wins two Awards in Italy.

=== Media ===

[Good] One week Wikipedia is “not trustworthy”, the next we are
“almost as good as Encyclopedia Britannica”. The result is a lot of
very good press around the world. And also Wikipedia traffic
skyrockets. We are now bigger then (according to

[Nobel Prize] In a program called “Noble minds”, with the nobel prize
winners of 2005 in a round table talk with the BBC reporter John
Simpson Wikipedia got merit. The medicine prize winner Barry Marshall
mentioned the Wikipedia article about their discovery (he got the
prize together with Robin Warren) and he said that they could not have
written a better article themselves.

=== Proposal===

A New proposal for a Wikimusic, “A Wiki with (1) both score and text
of a free piece of music, (2) the music itself in a playable music
file (in different versions, for example one version with trumpet, one
with a whole orchestra, not MIDI), (3) the sheet music in a wiki-text
format (MIDI can be made out of it) and (4) information about the
piece of music.

=== Stats ===

[milestones] The Chinese Wikipedia has reached 50,000 articles.新闻稿/2005年12月

[Stats, no more] and are probably the oldest
national portals of Wikipedia. Since the creation of them, end of
2002, they have been counting the visitors with their own visitor
counters. This until last thursday when these where removed by the
technical staff without any notice.

In those years traffic to started with 255 page views a
month to 194372 page views in november 2005. And from 128
page views a month to 33755 in november 2005.

=== Other news ===

[meetup] 10 December 2005, Taiwan Wikipedians meetup in Taipei. about 25 people.聚會/2005臺北冬聚å

[Law] – ERRATUM: in last week’s issue it was not very cleary indicated
the the website “” is not a Wikimedia
Foundation website. They are people who say they will try to sue
Wikipedia. But some are also making fun of them because there exists
also a parody site of it:

=== Quote ===

About Wikipedia;
“I call you my husband’s mistress because you get his attention much
of the time…” by anonymous “

=== Editorial ===

Wikipedia was never very good in internal communication. But lately we
have seen some sad highlights. The implementation on the English
Wikipedia of the reduced edit powers came as a total surprise and we
have received the news from external news media. My first reaction
when I read about it was; what a load of bullshit! We, the
Wikipedians, would surely know about it if such change of a
fundamental aspect of Wikipedia was true?

Also the policy of “Semi-protection” only gets widely known after
articles in the traditional media about it.

And finally the removal of visitors counters after more then 3 years
of service without any word to there Wiki is also not nice. Wikipedia
has no working statistics about visitor counts. So when you try to do
it yourself you do not expect that your own system gets sabotaged. It
are not only the articles of Wikipedia that need improvement.

Editor-in-chief Wikizine

Editor:Walter, [[zh:user:Shizhao]], Oscar


Year: 2005 Week:47 Number: 1

=== Technical news ===

-[Rename User] the special page to rename users has come back the same way
as it disappeared; unexpected. Bureaucrats should now again have the
option to rename a user-account to another name, given that the name of
the new user-account does not yet exist (see special pages). It also looks
like the original limit, stating that only users with less then 6800 edits
can be renamed, is still valid. Using Kate’s tool, users can check
themselves their number of edits doesn’t exceed this limit. If your wiki
does not have a formal policy for renaming users, please make sure at
least that all users requesting to be renamed have placed a properly
signed request on your wiki themselves. This to cover your ass as a

-[Fancy nicks]- For nicks including tags, such as color
tags, it was found that many times the closing tag, in this case

had been left out, messing up pages. The MediaWiki software has been
changed because of this. Wiki markup and HTML markup do no longer function
in the Nickname field any longer, unless the Raw signatures option is
checked in your preferences. The current version has been tested and found
to be secure against scripts, too. For more information follow the link.

=== Global ===

-[Wikimentary] a project about making documentaries of Wikimedia from
uncut source video made at Wikimania 2005. This project is looking for
people to help. “” is a work-in-progress
documentary, 11min, QuickTime, 316 MB.

-[Wikimania 2006] is on it’s way in being organized. There are many things
that need to be done for the organization of this event. To see how to
help go to [[meta:Wikimania 2006]] or at ask at wikimania-l

-[Catalan Wikipedia]- The second Wikipedia to be created after the
original English Wikipedia, has reached 20,000 articles.èdia:Twenty_thousand_articles_in_Catalan

=== Media ===

-[Award] the Wikimedia Foundation was awarded a World Technology Award in
communication, joining the ranks of other World Technology Network
members. (no article about this in WikipediaEN yet)

=== Stats ===

-[Stats]- ERRATUM: In number 0 of Wikizine we wrote that “Erim Zachte” has
created the new stats. This is not correct. This is of course Erik Zachte
([[w:nl:Gebruiker:Erik_Zachte]]), also the creator of Wikipedia for Pocket
PC, Palm, EPOC and EasyTimeline.

=== Other news ===

-[Wikizine]- a new information channel for the Wikimedia community came
into being.

=== Quote ===

“Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free
access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.” -Jimmy
Wales, July 2004

=== Editorial comment ===

The number of our readers has increased by +/- 110 subscribers, to a total
of 160 since last week. Nice 🙂

Editor-in-chief: [[w:nl:gebruiker:Walter]],
Editor/corrector: [[w:nl:gebruiker:Oscar]]