Year: 2005 Week:48 Number: 2

Technical news

-[Hardware] The Wikimedia hardware was updated recently.,_September-November,_2005

-[Software] In the MediaWiki software a Special:Cite page was added.

-[Wikistatus] OpenFact’s replacement – Alfa

=== Politics ===
-[China block] Jimbo’s opinion in Tunis at the World Summit on the
Information Society: “Wikipedia is neither critical nor supportive of the
Chinese government. We are not a site for dissidents nor for government
supporters. We are neutral. NPOV is non-negotiable.”

=== Foundation ===

-[Cancer] The Wikimedia Foundation is supporting non-profit medical
research by participating in the Folding at Home program, donating
computer-time on servers when these do not have any other work to do.

-[Board] A meeting of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees was held
on irc on November 13, 2005. Notes may be found here :,_2005

=== Media ===

-[Angela] , member of the board of trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation,
gave an interview.

=== Other news ===

[SWMT] stands for Small Wiki Monitoring Team. The SWMT aims to create a
team of dedicated Wikimedians who will monitor small and inactive Wikipedias for abusive editing.

=== Quote ===

“Then we tell them to fuck off.” Jimmy Wales — 24 Oct 2005 in response to
what Wikimedia would do in the hypothetical situation that
tried to exert control over Wikipedia’s content.

Editors: Walter, Oscar, Shizhao

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