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vesselivit Products for potency or libido, we usually associate with preparations for men, the most famous of which is the so-called The “blue pill” or Viagra.

However, ladies also suffer from sexual desire disorders, and according to available statistics, it is the most common problem regarding women’s sexual health.

Low libido may affect up to 40% of menopausal women and up to 28% of women up to the age of 50 !

Vesselivit patches are an effective and safe for health method of dealing with decreased desire – a novelty on the market of preparations that increase libido for women.

What is Vesselivit?

It is a preparation to increase the sex drive of women, in a modern and convenient form of patches. The package includes 30 patches, which are soaked in natural, mainly plant extracts, known for their properties that increase the desire for sex.

Vesselivit uses the technology of transdermal transport of active substances , thanks to which it does not irritate and does not burden the digestive system. The form of the patches is also convenient and very discreet, which is also an advantage of the product.

According to the opinions of consumers, the patches also intensify the sensations experienced during sexual intercourse.

How does Vesselivit work?

Unlike other potency products for women, the innovative Vesselivit patches are distinguished by a very fast action – the active ingredients, thanks to transdermal transport, reach the bloodstream almost immediately, bypassing the digestive system.

In addition, what distinguishes the supplement is a multifaceted, comprehensive action, which consists in:

  • Increasing blood circulation in the intimate organs – blood circulation in the female genitalia improves, which restores the desire for sex. During the rapprochement, you can feel up to 3 times stronger orgasm. The problem with vaginal discomfort and dryness also disappears.
  • Regulating the hormonal balance – in most cases, the decrease in libido is the result of abnormal hormone levels. The active ingredients of the patches allow you to regulate your hormones naturally, without the need for hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills.
  • Stimulating the production of nitric oxide – thanks to the high content of ginsenosides , the patches increase the volume of blood vessels in the intimate organs, which results in greater excitement and desire for sex.

Composition of Vesselivit – natural extracts that increase the appetite for sex

The patches contain only natural plant extracts of high purity. Below is a list of active substances with their properties:

  • E extract from the bark of Ptychopetalum Olacoides (Muira Puama) – a powerful aphrodisiac derived from nature. Without side effects, it increases libido and increases the perceived pleasure during sexual intercourse. It also has a relaxing, calming and antidepressant effect.
  • Tribulus Terrestris grapevine extract – stimulates the secretion of hormones responsible for libido. Eliminates the decrease in sex drive that may appear in women as a result of hormonal imbalance.
  • Turner Diffus Leaf Extract (Damian Leaf) – increases the pleasure of sexual sensations, improves mood. It protects women from cystitis because it disinfects the urinary tract after intercourse.
  • Lycium Barbarum extract (goji berry, wolfberry) – contains a lot of antioxidants and vitamins A and C – up to 50 times more than in lemon. Supports the work of the immune system.
  • Brazilian and Korean ginseng extract – regulates the hormonal balance, stimulates libido and increases sexual performance. Additionally, it contains ginsenoside, which increases the production of nitric oxide and causes increased blood flow to the vagina and clitoris.
  • Ginkgo Biloba extract (Japanese ginkgo) – improves blood supply to tissues, strengthens the nervous system. It increases blood vessels and improves concentration.

The effects of using Vesselivit transdermal patches

Below we have compiled a list of all the positive effects of the patches on increasing libido:

  • Fast action time – the supplement does not contain hormones, but you do not have to wait long for the effects of its action. The first effects, according to consumers’ opinions, are already felt after approx. 7 days.
  • Strong libido and desire for sex – women using patches regained their desire for sex and saved their relationships and marriages. The patches naturally regulate hormone levels and eliminate female sexual problems.
  • More intense orgasms – Vesselivit improves circulation in the female genitalia, which results not only in pleasant hydration in the vagina, but also a stronger sexual sensation.
  • Less intimate infections – plant extracts disinfect the urinary tract and prevent bladder infections, which often occur in women after sexual intercourse.
  • Better mood – natural extracts reduce nervous tension, eliminate stress and depression. They improve your mood and give you vitality.

How to use the libido patches? Indications and dosage

The formula of the preparation is original, so in the first contact you may be concerned about how to properly use Vesselivit patches. Below is a simple step-by-step instruction:

  1. Take out the patch sachet. Open it using the cut line shown, and then take the patch out of the inner sachet.
  2. Put the patch on dry, clean skin, such as your shoulder blade or upper arm. Do not use creams or lotions as this may cause the patch to peel off.
  3. Press the patch down for a few seconds to make sure it sticks to your skin. Make sure the entire surface of the patch sticks firmly to the skin.
  4. Leave the patch on the skin for 24 hours. Then replace it with a new one, but stick it on the opposite side of the body than before.
  5. Wash your hands after finishing the application.

The patches should be used individually. You can take a bath if you have a patch on it, but we do not recommend exposing yourself to long-term effects of water.

Are there any contraindications to the use of Vesselivit?

Can every woman use Vesselivit libido patches without contraindications?

Although the supplement is safe, there are some contraindications to its use. Do not use the patches if you are allergic or hypersensitive to any of the ingredients.

The patches must not be applied to damaged skin. Vesselivit must also not be used in children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

If you suffer from chronic diseases or in doubt, consult your doctor about the use of libido patches.

What side effects may occur when using Vesselivit?

The supplement does not cause side effects, but if you start using the patches and you feel irritation after their application, a rash appears, remove the patch immediately and stop using the supplement. The product does not contain hormones, therefore, unlike hormone replacement therapy, it does not cause side effects.

What are experts saying about the new Vesselivit patches for libido?

“The offer of libido preparations for women is still very limited, but the number of available products and the awareness of women themselves are growing every year. I recommend libido supplements to my clients, which are based on plant extracts that regulate the hormonal balance and stimulate blood circulation. Vesselivit is the number 1 among this type of preparations for sexual drive. “Sexual Health Specialist

Customer feedback on the effectiveness of the Vesselivit transdermal treatment

We checked what women who used them for at least 30 days say about the libido patches.

  • I feel like a teenager! – When I entered the menopause, my sex life practically disappeared. I wasn’t feeling very well, I was experiencing hormonal changes. But most importantly, my libido is completely gone! I did not think that women can use potency preparations, but when I found out about new patches to increase libido, I ordered one package without hesitation. I saw the first effects after a week. The effects of menopause became less bothersome, I felt better. The desire for sex is back, and the first sex in a long time … I haven’t had such a strong orgasm for a long time! – Anna
  • It really works“I’m glad that I found a natural product that made me want to have sex again. Due to the fast pace of my life, work, I didn’t have any love games in my head. Now I see how much I lost.”Sofia

Why is it worth reaching for Vesselivit? Our opinion

When a woman loses her desire for sex, it is worth looking for support in natural dietary supplements. Some women, especially in the menopausal period, decide to take hormonal drugs (HRT – hormone replacement therapy) , but these are products that invasively affect the entire body, cause side effects, and if used long-term, they can put a heavy burden on the liver.

That is why we recommend fighting female sexual problems with active phytochemicals that regulate the hormonal balance, but without side effects. Plant substances are able to induce excitement and increase the desire for sex. Some of them are effective for both women and men.

The ingredients with an adaptogenic effect are extremely valuable – the composition of Vesselivit patches is based on them. These include: Panax Ginseng ginseng extract, Tribulus Terrestris extract, Maca Lepidium Meyenii, saw palmetto, Damian leaf and Centella Asiatica extract.

They make it possible to immunize the body against the harmful effects of external factors and, above all, to regulate the hormonal balance. Restoring the correct level of hormones allows you to regain the desire for sex and enjoy the joy of sexual intercourse.

Vesselivit works comprehensively, which is why it also contains ingredients that improve blood circulation, e.g. ginkgo biloba extract, which dilate blood vessels, which allows you to increase the blood volume in the vagina and clitoris, which results in a stronger orgasm.

Where to buy Vesselivit libido patches? Our recommendation

The preparation is not a drug, but a supplement to increase the sex drive in women, so you can buy it without a doctor’s prescription. However, you cannot buy patches in a pharmacy, herbalist or in an online store with dietary supplements.

The manufacturer of patches to increase libido in women, wanting to protect its technology and customers, has severely limited distribution channels. Vesselivit can only be ordered on the manufacturer’s official website, the link to which can be found under our review.

We warn you to be especially careful, because it is easy to find a counterfeit product or a fake sales page on the Internet.

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