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According to statistics, as many as one in five sexual intercourse fails due to erection problems. This means that at least once in every man's life, his penis did not cope with the task.

There can be several reasons for this, but there can be only one effective remedy for erection problems – Dr Extenda .

What exactly is Dr Extenda?

Dr Extenda is a dietary supplement for men who are struggling with the problem of erectile dysfunction , decreased libido , fatigue, lethargy, stress, general exhaustion, as well as a decrease in interest in sexual activity.

The product's operation is based on a combination of specially selected products:

  • L-arginine – is one of the endogenous amino acids, i.e. those created in our body, and is used in numerous physiological and metabolic processes, for example during the synthesis of growth hormone, detoxification or metabolism. Its presence in the Dr. Extenda dietary supplement plays an important role in the synthesis of keratin, which is a compound necessary for energy storage in muscles. The presence of this ingredient in a dietary supplement causes the blood vessels to widen, and this allows for a better flow of nutrients in the blood, and also has a positive effect on improving the body's efficiency, relaxing smooth muscles, and improves efficiency during exercise.
  • Fenugreek extract – in Dr Extenda, it allows you to lower blood glucose levels, contributes to tissue regeneration, and supports the process of producing red blood cells. It is also important that fenugreek extract lowers metabolism, and for men it is also important that it increases testosterone levels. This plant is also called an aphrodisiac due to its stimulating properties. Fenugreek works against hair loss, so you can keep your masculine look for much longer.
  • Damiana Powder Extract – the ancient Maya priced this plant for its strengthening, cleansing and anti-depressant effects. It works great as an agent regulating the excretory system, diuretic, and also has disinfecting properties. Damiana is irreplaceable in cleansing and detoxifying the body. The plant is also considered an aphrodisiac, i.e. a means of stimulating the body to sexual intercourse. That is why it is also successfully used in the treatment of infertility, impotence, menopause and the reduction of PMS symptoms. For men, however, it is important that this plant regenerates after sexual intercourse, increases the blood supply to the reproductive organs, and thus enhances sexual sensations and delays ejaculation.
  • Zinc – perfectly affects the work of the pancreas, thymus and prostate, because it is involved in the transformation of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This mineral affects fertility, regulates menstruation, and also prevents prostate diseases.
  • Pomegranate extract – as the active ingredient of the Dr Extenda supplement, it improves sperm quality, thickens the amount of cells that produce it and accelerates testosterone synthesis. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it reduces erectile dysfunction and prevents infertility. Ingredients contained in pomegranate regulate blood pressure, and also support memory and concentration.
  • Muira Puama – this plant comes from the Amazonian forests and has been used by the inhabitants of these regions for centuries. Among them, it is called the potency tree. It increases libido and also regulates the body in stressful situations. It is also important that Muira Puama stimulates the sexual organs to feel more sexual stimuli.

How exactly does Dr Extenda work?

dr extenda The dietary supplement for men works in three phases .

  1. In the first phase, the body undergoes a thorough detoxification – it is a preparation for the proper phase of product operation.
  2. In the second phase – the main one – the supplement supports the widening of blood vessels in the lower parts of the body, which improves the flow in the cavernous vessels of the penis. This makes for a long-lasting erection that allows you to freely control the length of intercourse. Men appreciate Dr Extenda for a longer and more intense erection, and after prolonged use of the supplement, they notice that morning erections occur more often.
  3. The last phase is the time of stabilization – these are the last two weeks of using the dietary supplement. During this time, the body gets used to the correct reaction to stimuli occurring during erection and the fact that this effect lasts for a long time.

What are the opinions on the effectiveness of Dr Extenda?

Many people may doubt the effectiveness of this remedy. However, these non-believers will be convinced by research conducted on a group of volunteers.

Among the respondents there were men of different ages and with different levels of physical activity. However, they had a common problem – erection problems. They had a different background.

The volunteers were divided into two groups. Dr. Extenda was administered to the first group and the placebo to the second. After six weeks of regular supplementation, the men in the first group noticed that the frequency and length of erections increased. They also noticed a significant improvement in well-being and a surge of vitality.

This research is commented on by Dr. Adam Freizer in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism . He recognizes that the most important property of the Dr. Extenda dietary supplement for men is the unique composition that works in many directions: it increases male potency, but also adds energy and vitality.

Is it worth using Dr Extenda during the treatment to improve potency? Our opinion

In the opinion of respondents and ordinary users, Dr Extenda is the only potency remedy that allows you to permanently change the sexual life of men.

Moreover, it makes them regain vigor. They also feel healthier. Dr Extenda is a preparation that really helps.

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