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codding4u The Codding4u course is an innovative method of teaching programming. With him, in just 4 weeks you can gain the necessary knowledge to become a programmer and start your first job in IT!

High earnings in the IT industry mean that many people associate their future with this sector. What’s more, there is still a shortage of specialists and job offers appear every day.

Some work in companies, others work on their own as freelancers . However, you need to have a background and know how to program. Not only a few years of university studies can help in this!

Codding4u – about the course

The Codding4u programming course is an interactive platform designed to learn JS (Java Script) programming languages with HTML and CSS elements. It is the first level of learning programming and perfectly introduces you to the world of the IT industry.

It is dedicated to beginners who have not had contact with programming, but also to those who want to systematize their knowledge.

There are many advantages of the course:

  • Lightning fast learning method
  • Minimum formalities – no contract or advances
  • The course is held remotely
  • All you need is access to a computer, tablet or phone
  • The platform is easy and transparent
  • There are no age restrictions
  • The effects are noticeable after just a few lessons
  • A combination of theory and practice
  • Low price compared to the competition
  • Time-saving and flexible

Who is the Codding4u course for?

It’s never too early or too late to start your coding adventure! Regardless of whether you are a student and want to start developing in the IT industry now (and maybe earn your pocket money), or you start working soon and need basic programming knowledge or you want to change your qualifications – this is a course for You.

We do not ask about your age or your career path. The Codding4u course has been designed so that everyone can successfully handle the platform and progress through the stages of development.

First of all, we recommend access to the platform:

  • everyone who wants to program but don’t know how to start,
  • people who want to change jobs and earn better,
  • students who want to enter the IT industry ,
  • people who are fascinated by new technologies,
  • entrepreneurs who want to create their own website,
  • anyone who wants to develop and gain new competences!

What does the Codding4u course include?

The HTML / CSS programming course consists of 30 lessons, each of them ends with a short test that tests the acquired knowledge and skills. The first 10 lessons are primarily theory that will help you understand the most important issues related to programming. Once you enter this world, after completing topic 10, you will have access to practical tasks, i.e. programming exercises, thanks to which you will turn your knowledge into practical skills!

The course is extremely intensive, but also condensed so that you can acquire a lot of information in a short time. Thanks to the remote form of the Codding4u course, you decide when and how much time you spend on learning.

We know from user experience that it is usually about 1 hour a day. Due to the fact that on the platform you will find properly prepared materials for learning at home and tasks, you will quickly consolidate the acquired knowledge and master the technology. After signing up for the course, you will receive a welcome letter with an individual code enabling access to the platform.

Why is it worth taking the course?

From zero to Junior Developer! Did you know that a significant proportion of programmers have no IT education? You don’t have to spend years at university to work in the IT industry.

What’s more, you can be a humanist, Polish philologist, sportsman or a physical worker – it doesn’t matter! What matters is that you want to change your life and develop new competences.

A well-presented theory and well-designed exercises will help you master coding even if you have never had any experience with it!

What can you gain thanks to Codding4u?

  • 24/7 access to the Codding4u platform, where you can take lessons and perform programming exercises at any time.
  • You learn web technologies, programming language and basic information about coding.
  • You absorb knowledge imperceptibly and quickly become an expert.
  • You learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, protocols, methods, packages, headers and build your first website.
  • You can program, create websites and programs.
  • You get the chance to have a well-paid full-time job as well as to develop your own career path as a programmer.
  • You are more and more absorbed in the IT world. You want to develop, you are looking for new opportunities to expand your competences.

Codding4u learning scheme

The platform can be used via a computer, phone or tablet. You don’t need to install any additional applications – it’s an interactive, secure online platform. It has a step-by-step instruction that shows how to freely use the course.

The scope of the main path of the course is the most desirable JS ( Java Script ) with the addition of HTML5 / CSS 3.0 encoding. The basics of JS, HTML and CSS are presented here, which introduce beginners to their adventure with programming. Navigating Codding4u is very intuitive. If you lose any thread, you can always use the instructions or help point visible on the screen.

Codding4u – what do the experts think?

There are many methods of acquiring knowledge in the field of programming. IT industry specialists encourage you to start your adventure with an easily assimilated course that will dispel all doubts and allow you to verify whether it is really the path you want to desire. Codding4u is such an e-learning platform. It is safe, interactive and, above all, designed for people who are taking their first steps in programming.

What do IT specialists think about it?

  • “When I was asked for a review, I didn’t hesitate. I knew that many of my friends started this way. Although, of course, I already have a solid knowledge of programming and years of experience, due to being a lecturer at one of the renowned universities, I know how the teaching process should go. I have to admit that Codding4u is a really professionally developed course. It will do an exam for beginners who are just getting to know this world. Knowledge is passed on in a very accessible way, and practical exercises teach logical thinking. I recommend the platform and think it’s a great start for future developers! ” – prof. a technological university

What do students say about Codding4u?

  • “I don’t know if it’s only me, but after less than a month I feel that I already know a lot! I’ve always wanted to create websites, and after the Codding4u course, I finally know how to do it. I already have two on my account, and this is not the end! I advertised on the web and the first customers contact me. I did not believe that the money invested in the course will pay off so quickly. I am delighted!” – Laura, 33 years old
  • “I am a graduate of pedagogy. I chose these studies because I didn’t know what I wanted to do in my life. I was very wrong – this is not a job for me. I didn’t know what to do next, so I got a job in a store. A friend told me that I don’t have to work physically or do further studies and told me about programming. While searching for an online course for little money, I came across tons of Codding4u referrals. I took a risk and just finished all my lessons. What can I say – I hope these are my last days in the store, and the created CV and portfolio will help me get a good job as a programmer! ” – Mike, 28
  • “It’s never too late to change. And I confirm it! Beloved, I’m 53 years old and I’ve just become a programmer. The Codding4u course and my son who told me about it helped me. I am in my age and working in a sawmill is not for me. Now I will work in front of a computer and carry out orders for my firstborn’s company. Keep fingers crossed!”Peter, 53 years old

Where to buy access to the Codding4u course?

Codding4u is a platform developed by experts. With time, however, many similar ones appeared, which in terms of content differ from what the Codding4u course offers. Don’t risk investing your money badly.

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