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bunions problem Bunions (Latin Hallux Valgus ) is a degenerative disease of the metatarsophalangeal joint and toe.

It most often affects women, although men also visit orthopedic clinics more and more often.

If left untreated, a painful tumor appears, which not only does not look very aesthetically pleasing, but over time begins to cause pain and make everyday functioning difficult.

Is there any non-operational method to get rid of this problem?

The answer to this question is the Buniduo Gel Comfort corrective orthosis, which can effectively help you fight for healthy feet.

What problems can the Buniduo Gel Comfort device deal with?

Corrective orthosis is recommended for people who struggle with the problem of hallux valgus. This is the most common type of deformity that affects the feet. Although genetic factors are mentioned among the reasons for the appearance of bunions, the way we care for our feet is also important.

It is especially important to choose the right footwear that does not put pressure on the foot and does not cause overload.

Buniduo Gel Comfort corrective orthosis should be used in the case of:

  • deformation of the big big toe foot (hallux valgus)
  • rolling the toe under the other toes
  • pain in the metatarsal area
  • painful calluses
  • walking problems

In the event of disturbing changes, very severe pain that makes it impossible to move, you should visit, for example, an orthopedist or podiatrist (specialist in foot diseases).

What influences the development of bunions?

The cause of hallux valgus is primarily wearing too tight shoes and high heels, standing work mode, overweight, lowering the transverse arch of the foot (flat feet), valgus position of the heel. It is worth knowing that bunions can also be formed on a genetic basis

A bunion is caused by a hallux valgus as a result of the flattening of the transverse arch of the foot. It widens and deforms. In extreme cases, if the problem is not treated early enough, the phalanx may dislocate from the metatarsal bone.

Bunions are therefore not a growth on a joint, but a bone dislocation. So this issue should be dealt with accordingly. It must not be underestimated. Neglected bunions can cause serious degeneration and even make it impossible to walk.

Why is it so important to use the Buniduo Gel Comfort apparatus?

buniduo gel comfort The deformity of the joint caused by bunions makes the foot work differently, much harder.

First of all, there is an uneven distribution of body weight on the surface of the foot, and the toe ceases to be a support point while walking. Ultimately, the structures that have so far been able to stabilize the foot are destroyed. The muscles of the foot become weaker and the edges of the foot become more stressed. Unfortunately, people who begin to notice disturbing changes in themselves rarely decide to visit specialists right away.

However, when the patients are under the care of doctors, it turns out that the bunions are in such an advanced stage that there is nothing else but a surgical correction.

An alternative to expensive and often ineffective surgical procedures is the Buniduo Gel Comfort corrective apparatus. Ease of use guarantees effective correction of bunions.

How does Buniduo Gel Comfort corrective orthosis work?

To prevent the problem of hallux from developing, it is worth starting treatment as soon as possible. Although there are many products on the market whose manufacturers declare that they are the most effective ways to treat bunions, it is not worth experimenting.

It is best to immediately purchase the Buniduo Gel Comfort corrective device, which is intended for use during the day. Thanks to it, you do not have to give up your daily activities. The apparatus is made of special materials that do not restrict movement, but allow you to return to its former condition on a regular basis.

As a result, you can observe the natural straightening of the toe position in relation to the foot axis, reduction of skin tension, reduction of swelling, as well as improvement of the appearance and shape of the foot.

Convenient and very clear instruction manual makes putting on the camera very easy. The apparatus is adjustable and adaptable to the size of the foot.

bunions treatment

The operation of the Buniduo brace is based on 3 main processes:

  • EFFECT ON THE TOE – allows you to restore the correct position, straighten it.

This makes its a comprehensive way to get rid of hallux valgus. It can also be worn in shoes, protecting the foot from painful blisters.

The high efficiency of corrective orthosis is not a coincidence

Many people around the world have found out that corrective orthoses are the perfect solution for people struggling with bunions. Dr. Ralph Moss from The American College of Sports Medicine stated that Buniduo Gel Comfort braces are perfect not only for women who regularly wear high heels. They are also suitable for athletes.

Why is this happening? Because it perfectly stiffens the foot and improves its shape, it eliminates problems with foot swelling and improves blood circulation. The ease of use of the braces means that this professional equipment can be used by all people suffering from bunions.

Opinions on the effectiveness of Buniduo Gel Comfort

effects of using buniduo gel comfort We checked what the people who tested it and have a comparison with bunion braces think about the orthosis:

  • Haluksy cut in half! – I used a lot of bunions for bunions, but the effects were negligible. I also tried other methods, for example ointments, but there were no results here. Recently, I discovered Buniduo Gel Comfort concealer, specifically recommended by my doctor. I was considering performing an operation for bunions, but he told me to try this orthosis before the surgery. After 2 weeks, I noticed that my bunions had decreased significantly. The shoes stopped chafing, the discomfort was gone.
  • My feet look like new!I fought with bunions for 15 years. They didn’t cause me much pain, so I somehow learned to live with them. However, a friend of a certain dnai told me about Buniduo Gel Comfort buniduo gel comfort. I took a chance and after a month I couldn’t believe how I stared at my feet. Bunions are gone!

Is it worth using a corrective orthosis? Our recommendation

Many people may wonder if non-surgical treatment of bunions can be effective. Opinions of specialists and good practice of using corrective orthoses suggest that it is.

The use of the Buniduo Gel Comfort apparatus directly affects the operation of the metatarsophalangeal joint. They stabilize the big toe and position the big toe parallel to the foot axis. Additionally, the braces reduce any discomfort related to the deformation of the foot, such as pain, skin tension and swelling. The apparatus reduces the number of corns and also improves blood circulation around the fingers.

Is Buniduo Gel Comfort really effective? Our opinion

Anyone who struggles with the problem of bunions will find an effective way to deal with their ailments in corrective orthoses. The design of the cameras covers sensitive areas and improves the range of motion.

The brace can be used preventively – when you notice the first signs of finger valgus, it is enough to equip with an apparatus to stop the development of the disease. Buniduo Gel Comfort is a device designed for people of all ages and at different stages of disease development.

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