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Those who start learning foreign languages very often have concerns about whether the course will meet their expectations and whether it will be effective.

Or maybe there are also simpler and more reliable ways to learn? Ling Fluent is the perfect way to learn foreign languages effectively.

Ling Fluent – a modern way to learn foreign languages

ling fluent It often happens that people who want to start a course abandon this thought due to the form of classes – full-time courses have a fixed schedule that is difficult to fit into a busy day.

An on-line course, which is available anywhere and anytime, can be a solution – this is how Ling Fluent works. Many applicants have a pragmatic approach to a foreign language and want to master the vocabulary they will be using, and courses at traditional language schools convey a large amount of theoretical knowledge.

Students also complain about bad experiences with language schools, because the proposed methods quickly bored them and the learning did not bring the expected results. There is therefore a need for a course that offers learning through multiple methods. Also, the prices of language courses do not encourage regular learning.

All this means that many people who started learning a foreign language do not finish the course. Ling Fluent is different – it is above all a modern foreign language course fully adapted to the needs of users, at a very affordable price and using multidimensional methods.

Modern language learning

e-learning languages On-line courses are an alternative to traditional language courses – they are becoming more and more popular.

Ling Fluent stands out from other multimedia courses available for its high effectiveness. Research shows that the methods proposed by Ling Fluent give much more effective results than the traditional methods for which foreign language schools are famous.

Ling Fluent is a multimedia e-learning platform that allows you to master foreign languages in a simple and fast way.

Users have access to the course on any device that has access to the Internet – learning can take place on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

The experience of the best application designers from the United States and Japan was used to create such a modern system. A modern approach to learning foreign languages is manifested in the fact that you can take lessons whenever and wherever you want.

In addition, the course does not impose the course of study, so incomprehensible lessons can be freely repeated until successful. So it turns out that there is a course that fully adapts to the pace of work and the needs of users.

Ling Fluent offers the opportunity to learn up to 8 languages:

  • English,
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • German,
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Italian.

The course is conducted with the help of flashcards , i.e. cards with words and phrases that are grouped into several thematic categories.

On each card you can find words or phrases in a foreign language that are presented in context – in a sentence or larger phrase, a translation of words, phrases and sentences, as well as a photo or picture. Someone may say that all flashcards for learning foreign languages look like this.

So how is Ling Fluent different from other courses?

Thanks to the fact that it is a multimedia course, the user has the opportunity to listen to a recording with the correct pronunciation of a word, sentence or phrase that is presented by the teacher and repeat them any number of times.

How does the Ling Fluent method actually work?

ling fluent Multimedia flashcards are a way of learning that is based on a polysensory method, i.e. one that engages several senses at the same time. How it’s working?

Different stimuli reach the brain in different ways, which means that the entire brain is involved in the process of learning and remembering. This form of learning is much easier, much faster and more effective.

In addition, the impulse method was included here, which consists in building associations – this is probably the simplest mechanism that allows the acquisition of knowledge. By associating, information that the user already knows can be combined with information that is yet to be learned.

This is why the creators of Ling Fluent give new words in sentence or expressive contexts, as well as in the company of a picture. As you can see, the methods used to learn foreign languages on the Ling Fluent platform are matched to each other and work in many directions.

The adopted methodology also reflects the natural pattern of learning foreign languages . The point here is that learning rules and regulations is not natural for the human mind.

This can be seen very well when the child learns the first words – he acquires them by listening to them in the context, and not by learning declension. Ling Fluent uses this natural mechanism, which is much more effective than other methods.

Such a diverse approach to foreign language learning means that anyone who dreams of talking freely outside of their country can take advantage of such assistance.

The attractive and simple graphic form makes the application easy to use for primary school students, as well as for slightly older people.

Ling Fluent is an intelligent help in learning foreign languages

The Ling Fluent course was created with the users in mind, therefore it adapts to the level of their knowledge and the pace of work. Each stage of learning ends with a test – however, it has a completely different form than the traditional classroom. It is more like a game that draws you in and encourages you to see what will happen next.

The course is tailored to the user from the very beginning – by registering to the system, you can choose the course that is right for you. The VIP package also includes specializations – you can choose industry vocabulary that will help you find a job and raise your qualifications.

Is it worth using the Ling Fluent method? Our recommendation

Absolutely! Ling Fluent is completely geared towards users and their needs. It does not require special skills because it is based on the most natural mechanisms of work of the human mind. Thanks to learning new languages is extremely easy and fun.

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