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As you all noticed the most visual form of the fundraiser has shown up on the wikis in the form of a very large banner. The banner is the main way to get people to donate. This fundraiser is the banner exceptional huge and not universally appreciated.

Erik Möller, the Deputy Director, has posted a statement about this topic;

All projects must do there part to help with the fundraiser by displaying the banner to all there users by default. But that does not mean that on a personal level you need to keep that banner in your face until the end of the fundraiser with is announced to run until Wikipedia Day.

How to hide the banner


Include the following code to your *personal* CSS;

/* Remove fundraiser banner and sitenotice */
#siteNotice, #fundraiser, .fundraiser-box { display:none; !important; }

Example; If your username is “Joe” and you use the default skin “monobook” the your personal CSS-page is [[user:Joe/monobook.css]]. That can be an unborn page if you have never done that. If you use a different skin, like “Modern”, then it is [[user:Joe/modern.css]].

Do *not* include this to the site skin, only to your personal one if you wish to hide it.

Include an extension to your wiki

You can create an option (gadget, extension) for the users of your wiki to hide the banner with an option in the user preferences section.

You need to do 3 things (well, maybe 4) and have admin access.

  1. Copy the contents of [[en:w:MediaWiki:Gadget-HideFundraisingNotice.css]] to your local wiki (name after the – can be localized)
  2. Create a page with a description to show in Special:Preferences (e.g. [[en:w:MediaWiki:Gadget-HideFundraisingNotice]], again: can be localized after the -)
  3. Add to your local [[en:w:MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition]]-page ( where the first part is the name of your description page, second the actual script page).This should do the trick and make the option appear in [[Special:Preferences]].
  4. If it doesn’t, you might want to erform a null-edit on your local [[en:w:MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition]]-page (edit the page, don’t change anything and save).

Using this option is better then editing the personal skin because a menu in the preferences  is more easy for users to make use of it.

Take first a look at the gadget (can have an other name) section of the user preferences menu on your wiki to see of this gadget is maybe already installed. It is at least live on the English and Dutch Wikipedia.

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