Anno Domini MMIX Week III Number CIV

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Happy Wikipedia-day!

Technical news

  • [Upload size] – The maximum allowed upload size of files in increased from 20 megabytes to 100 megabytes. That is especially important for Commons that now can receive more easy video. Brion says there is now 48 terabyte of storage space for the media. 5 terabyte is used currently.
  • [Time zone] – in the user preferences, section “Date and time”, is there now an option to select your location. This way the correct local time can be used automatically.

Request for help



  • [Wikipedia Day] – it is again 15 January, Wikipedia Day, Wikipedia’s most important holiday. On this day we remember the eviction of the seed of the project from the late Nupedia encyclopedia project and birth of Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, under this name as an independent project. The oldest of all projects is now just only 8 years old …. and is also the 8th most popular website globally. Applause.



  • [Knight Anthere] – the French National Order of Merit has been awarded by President Sarkozy of France to [[w:fr:User:Anthere]] (Florence Devouard).  She received the rank of knight as “chair of an international foundation” (= WMF).


  • [Jimbo gossip] – the story has come up that Jimmy Wales was not longer a WMF-board member. The term for the seat on the board of Jimmy did indeed expired end of 2008. But his term is extended as usual by the board. Jimmy Wales was and is a WMF board member and Chair Emeritus of the WMF.
  • [Bad edit]  – one year ago (2008-01-18) some anonymous  user added some POV-info to the Dutch language edition of the Mohamed article (an edit that was reverted one minute later). The edit was done by people working for the Dutch justice department. Several large newspapers in the Netherlands and Belgium have now one year later reported this event as “news”. In the meantime is discovered that the bureaucrats who did the edit where punished by there superiors by blocking access to Wikipedia for 2 months. A block that was lifted later because the need Wikipedia for there work.


  • [Wikigeits] – [[user:Tookam]] has created Wikigeits. It is an attempt to build the Wikipedia equivalent of Google’s Hot Trends. It tracks, aggregates, ranks and reports the page views on
  • [Survey results] – A personal survey was handed out to many of the attendees at Wikimania 2008. These are the results of that survey.
  • The Simple English Wikipedia has reached 50,000 articles.
  • The Old Belarusian Wikipedia has reached 15,000 articles.

Other news

  • [Wikizine licence] – for compatibility with Wikinews has changed Wikizine by request its license. This newsletter is from this edition on, in all versions, dual licensed GNU/FDL and also Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Generic License.
  • [VisualWikipedia] – A website that provides as the say themselves “a visual, intuitive, and interactive web interface to encyclopedic knowledge/information.”


Max Planck: May I ask you a very serious question? What if God were to say you were mistaken? If he said “Stop. Newton is right”?
Albert Einstein: Then I would thank God for his POV, and we would agree to differ, and I would be left feeling very sorry for God.


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