Year: 2009 Week: 41-42 Number: 120

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  • [Perspectives from other projects] – the Wikipedia Signpost is calling for editors active in one or more non-English Wikipedias to write accounts comparing governance, process and policy, and editing culture across languages. The key questions are: how is it different working on another Wikipedia?; and what could English Wikipedia learn from that project—and vice versa?


  • [Bookshelf Project: Manager Announced] – Frank Schulenburg (Head of Public Outreach) announced that Wikimedia’s Bookshelf Project will be led by Marlita Kahn.  The Bookshelf project aims to develop a slate of basic educational materials — print, online and video — to attract new authors and editors to Wikipedia.


  • [Nobel Prize] – when announcing the recipients of its Nobel Prize, the Nobel Prize committee used free photos from Wikimedia Commons to depict two of the prize winners.
  • [German ArbCom dissolves] – the German Wikipedia has dissolved its Arbitration Committee.  On projects that have them, the Arbitration Committee (or “ArbCom”) is the final step in on-site dispute resolution.
  • [Wiktionary lookup gadget] – A new gadget is being developed on English Wikinews and slowly being spread to other wikis.  The gadget looks up the wiktionary definition for the language of the wiki you are reading, but what it returns is the definition in your user-preferences language.


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…about the proposal for global sysops on Meta-wiki?

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