Year: 2009 Week: 41 Number: 119

Wikimedia News

Technical news

  • [Labs: FlaggedRevs] – due to some miscommunications, a lot of people didn’t realize that the FlaggedRevs labs test wiki has been active and waiting for people to poke at it for a month.  The developers need interested people to be set up as local administrators to try out the per-page stabilization settings (accessed via the “protect” tab); by default most pages do not activate FlaggedRevs in the configuration we’re testing for English Wikipedia.






  • [] – The Russian Wikisource has reached 50,000 texts.
  • [hy.wp] – The Armenian Wikipedia has reached 5,000 articles.

Other news

  • [WikipediaVision] – A student from Helsinki has created “WikipediaVision”, a live visualization of anonymous edits to Wikipedia by location. The site combines Wikipedia’s Recent Changes feed with Google Maps.  Although this seems to have been around for a while, the link has resurfaced after it was exhibited live at MFK in Bern (from April until August).

Did you know …

…that you can even upload home movies to Wikipedia?  Wikipedia’s video support is improving, Wikimedians have even been uploading videos of their children illustrating certain Wikipedia topics.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.” — Mohandas Gandhi

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