Year: 2007 Week: 31 Number: 78 Extra

Wikimedia News
Wikimania 2007
  • [Start] – Wikimania will start now very soon. The opening ceremony with a welcome speech by Anthere and Jimbo is at 01:00 UTC upcoming (2007-08-03)
  • [Wikimania online] – At present there is no information available about live streaming of the Wikimania events on the Wikimania-wiki. There are indications that there is the intend to provide some sort of online access to Wikimania by the Wikimania organization.
    Best hope to find out about it if it will exist is the Wikimania IRC channel #wikimania and the “Schedule”-page on the Wikimania-wiki.

  • WikipediaWeekly has already some audio reports from Wikimania.
  • [Wikimania Awards] – submissions are open for the Wikimaina Award. Pictures, and only pictures, are welcome. There are 7 awards for 7 categories. The awards are sponsored. For example; there is the “EPSON History Award” for the best picture about “history”. The other topics are; share, mother nature, news, people, society, Wikimania activities.The 7 winners wil get an award cup and a USB stick that includes a Wikipedia local database and a search software.

    The winners will be announced during the closing ceremony on the 5th of August.

Other news
“Hopefully we will have the first stab of something that sucks up by the end of the year,” he said. “And then we will start to revise, reconsider, rethink, delete, add, edit, change, until we start making something better and better over time. Will it take 2 years? 5 years? I dunno. It will take however long it takes. But it will be fun.” — Jimmy Wales about Search Wikia

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