Year: 2007 Week: 46 Number: 84

Wikimedia News

Technical news


  • [$$$] – The fundraiser is going well in the sense that the money is rolling in. At present around 660,000 US$ is donated. The fundraiser is intended to run until the 22nd of December. At the current rate of donations it does not look like the 4.6 million US$, the WMF budget for 2008, will be collected. The counter that shows how many people have donated, has dropped a bit because the deduction of numerous donations of 1$ or less.
  • [Legal] – French lawsuit against WMF won in court. An article on the FR Wikipedia contained personal information of 3 persons who where no pleased with that. They sued for compensations and the identity of the anonymous editor. The court ruled that Wikimedia is a hosting provider and as such does not need to follow up on what the users are writing. The WMF does need to remove illegal content when they are informed about it. Because the disputed information was removed after proper notification the case was dismissed, including the request for damages and information about the anonymous editor.
Florence Devouard, WMF chair, writes about this case:

“This is very good news for the Foundation. We maintain that WMF is not the publisher, owner or monitor on any of the Wikipedia projects (and obviously not the WP FR). We are pleased to have our position upheld and supported in a court of law.” 


  • [DE wp DVD] – A new edition of German language Wikipedia on DVD is coming out. It will be available either as a basic edition that contains thumbnail images only (10 €) or a premium edition that will include higher quality pictures as well as a bonus disc with 1900s encyclopedia ”Meyers” (25 €, total 4 DVDs). An image of the DVD will be available for downloading.
  • [EN wp] – Founder Jimmy Wales has personally de-sysoped a user of the English Wikipedia. This caused very large community responds.

Reports of Wikinews


  • [Wikimedia IT] – The Italian edition of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Italia have been awarded the “Premio Aretê 2007 – forum per la Comunicazione Responsabile” (Aretê prize – forum for the responsible communication) for the “internet” section with the following motivation;
“for the commitment in favour of the diffusion of the universal knowledge, in a free, collaborative and constructive way, in the real spirit of the original ideals of the Net.”


The prize has been presented by [[w:en:Paolo Gentiloni]], the minister of the Communications and president of the jury, in Rome on the 5th of November.



  • [Erratum] – Commons has now 1000 featured pictures, not 10,000 as was reported in Wikizine 83.

Other news

  • [£ BBC] – The website of the British public broadcaster, who is funded by taxes, has started to display a limited number of advertisements to users who visited there website from outside the United Kingdom. Concerns where raised about impartiality of the BBC when carrying advertisement. The BBC explicitly stated that the advertisement will be clearly separated from editorial content. The BBC hopes to raise around 100 million euro yearly with the advertisements.
  • [Comic] – “…articles on Wikipedia are written [..] by one extremely dedicated squirrel.”
  • [Bye-bye Wiki-Wiki] – A classic part of any interview with the press is to explain that the name “wiki” comes from a bus service in Hawaii. The WikiWiki bus system in Hawaii, after which the software concept Wiki is named, will be soon no more. It will replaced by a “air-conditioned walkway”, a sort of bridge.
  • [Wikizine: less short] – A core idea of Wikizine was to keep the items very short so you can read it very quickly. For more information there are the external links where you can read the whole story. The problem is that when you translate Wikizine into non-English editions, those short items alone contain sometimes too little information to be really informative. Most external links are in English. For non-English readers it is then difficult to get the story. Because of this it will be attempted to include more information in the Wikizine items. Being brief maybe good but if you end up by (almost) saying nothing, we are not achieving our goals.

Did you know …

… that donating small amounts by PayPal is not a good idea?


  •  donation 0,01 AUD – 0,01 AUD paypal fee = 0 AUD for WMF
  •  donation 0,25 USD – 0,25 USD Paypal fee = 0 USD for WMF
  •  donation 1,20 CAD – 0,59 CAD PayPal fee = 0,61 CAD for WMF (50% fee!)
  •  donation 1 EUR – 0,38 EUR PayPal fee = 0,62 EUR for WMF (38% fee)
  • donation 5 USD – 0,41 USD PayPal fee = 4,59 USD for WMF (8,2% fee)
  •  donation 25 USD – 0,85 USD PayPal fee = 24,15 USD for WMF (3,4% fee)
  •  donation 100 USD – 2,50 USD PayPal fee = 97,50 USD for the WMF (2,5% fee)
Be aware that a very small donation means you are making a donation to Paypal and not to the Wikimedia Foundation. Best you give one higher donation then several smaller donations.


Verify of one of the other donation channels, like bank transfer (free inside Europa), is not a better solution for making a donation from you country.


“Hail Wikipedia” — Anonymous
“Wikipedia, , Ubuntu – three things that makes me feel good.” — Gergely Máté
“to get wikipedia is like to have the Alexandria’s library at home! thanks to the Wikipedia Team.” — eric malbos (editorial note: next Wikimania will be at the library of Alexandria)
“Wikipedia, une cathédralle informatique” — roland moreno
“Please do not go commercial.” — Anonymous
“Danke!” — Anonym

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