Year: 2009 Week: 27 Number: 110

Wikimedia News

Technical news

  • [Michael Jackson Kills WP] – Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop”, died this week and nearly took Wikipedia down with him (as well as many other websites).  Wikimedia sites were unresponsive for a whole due to the large number of page hits.  The Michael Jackson article got nearly 6 *million* hits on June 26, more than the Main Page.
In the evening of the 2th July (UTC) Wikipedia&Co was virtually down because of power outage of the European servers. The remaining servers choked on the additional traffic routed to them.

Request for help





  • [bn.wp] – The Bengali Wikipedia (bn) has reached 20,000 articles.
    •আন্তর্জাতিক_প্রকৃতি_ও_প্রাকৃতিক_সম্পদ_সংরক্ষণ_সংঘ — 20,000th article

Other news

  • [Who owns transit schedules?] – Only marginally related but interesting nevertheless, the subject of a recent battle has been pretty simple: who owns the copyright to bus arrival times?  Public transportation agencies are trying to assert that they own the times and stop people from making iPhone apps (and similar items) off of the content, so that they can do it themselves and charge people.  Not very FOSS of them!
  • [Wikizine@Foundation-l] – Wikizine will now be featured on foundation-l too!  Thanks to Milos for proposing it and the list members for agreeing.
  • [Firefox 3.5] – … is finally out. This main stream browser supports natively Ogg Theora and Ogg Vorbis, the media file formats our projects are using.


“Programming languages are like cats. It is easier to get a new cat than to get an old cat fixed.” — Douglas Crockford

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